Abstract expressionism

Nothing stays as it seems.  This is suggested by the present works on black with interference colors that have been created in my studio in recent months.  When I stand in front of “Ishtar’s Garden”, I see rich colors.  If I move to the side, my impression of the color changes radically: from light blue to fine green, from strong green to eggplant, grey steel or a delicate pink.

The courage
to stand

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How it

It all began at home. My father retired in 1996, after working as a house painter.  The family came together for a glass, we drank to his well-being, to his coming years and talked about his first projects “in freedom”. 

While we young people imagined a liberation from the yoke of work, my father sketched out his concrete idea on half an A4 sheet: A surprising and convincing color structure for my sister's garage door.  That looked great!  Even the sketch was a delight.  What had we missed all these years?  Why did we know, why didn't I know?

His simple answer: “I couldn’t have brought you up working as an artist.”  In the same year, as a well-established professor, I began a further training course “Basics of Painting” in Leipzig in order to find out what I might have inherited from his talent.  I've been painting ever since.

In 2017, after an experimental year full of exploration, I decided to position myself professionally on the art market. 

My way to paint_