My painting is about the interplay of colour and delicacy. I tame my will to express myself using large formats, surrender myself to the here and now. With a wild appetite for colour, I walk cheerfully and fearlessly with uncertainty. That’s how I ground my monotypes.


I work with space and I love a widest scope. As an essential technique, I use a kind of monotype, which does not aim for a print, but uses the original printing plate as a painting tool. By applying paint with a spatula or other tools I create an original color experience. 

My works are made in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism. Emotion and spontaneity are more important to me than perfection, ratio and regulation.I am interested in sensory perception, perception with all the senses: hearing, tasting, smelling – not only, but also seeing, touching. My paintings feature sculptural elements, elevated textures and patterns. Elevations working like climbing aids in the mountains, which reveal and allow a recognizable path up the steep face. 

My pictures are places of refuge for the present: they reintroduce the beauty of the imperfectly perfect into a world where quantity, consumption and forgetfulness of reality are commonplace. I also create them for myself, because being a woman is still a serious "threatening state": Here and now we need spaces in which poetry, beauty, colour, fullness of meaning, yes, personal splendour in everyday life can touch the soul. 

„A propos
Brigitte Witzer…

“Brigitte Witzer's large-format pictures appear as exciting events: a lemon-yellow heart floats amidst yellow flowers, a bright red spot surrounded by pink flowers stands in front of an iridescent light background in gold, or – last example – a massive green shape sets itself apart from its silvery environment, followed by small green spots.

Perhaps the best way to do justice to Brigitte Witzer’s art is to use a poetic language, for it is above all a poetry of colours that the artist creates in painting, a co-existence and contrast of colour sounds and colour values. This creates tension, calm and dynamism between the forms developed from colors when they meet in the pictorial space. The result is an intensity of expression, the concrete designation of something that remains as definite as it is indefinite. This sounds paradoxical, but it is actually possible in the art and painting of Brigitte Witzer. Thus, what we long for, because it is rare, can happen: beauty as a direct lived experience.  […]

All this, the development of an abstract pictorial space with its depth, as well as the placement of the forms, is staged and choreographed by the artist: her personal vitality plays an important role in the painting process as an expressive intensity. Although none of this is magic, something can appear that is capable of enchantment – both emotions and mind are addressed and roused.

This is due to the colours and their harmony, as well as the forms and the large formats, but above all such enchantment is created by the inspiration of this painting, which is borne by Brigitte Witzer's artistic courage, its gripping energy and the vivid experience it brings to paper and thus to the world.”

Excerpt from the editorial to the 2018 catalogue, “the great songs” Peter Funken, author and curator Berlin, June 2018


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